A Slightly New Direction

Over the past many years, most of my involvement in “things technical” has been in customer support, marketing and Systems Administration — all positions I have loved. I have interlaced these “full time” positions with teaching as the opportunity arose, mostly as part of an adjunct faculty at post-high school institutions.

After one last (disastrous) 7 month position that was basically a 24 x 7 support-a-thon that allowed me very little personal or free time, I was fortunate enough to be able to have a summer (the first one in 30 years) where I didn’t have to work but had enough time to be able to take a much needed breath and work things out.

A lot of credit for me being able to sort things out and get me in order was a book by David Brooks called “The Second Mountain – The Quest for a Moral Life”. It’s best to take a moment and read the preface here to get an idea about the core ideas of the book but suffice to say, it has to do with the experience of finding and doing your passion in life.

Anyway, after a long summer think, I was blessed to land a position as a teacher at a technical high school teaching Computing and Network systems. I feel comfortable now knowing that I will be working doing something in line with my passions of teaching and technology and hopefully making a difference for a world and society that I am realizing in increasingly on the “edge” of chaos. 

Much more about this later in posts in the “Teaching” category.





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