About Me

Picture of Fredric B. GluckExperience is what makes me.

Since I received my degree in Information and Computer Science from the University of California I’ve had to constantly re-invent and re-educate myself. I’ve seen the internet grow up, I saw the death of the punch-card and I’ve seen computers go from room-full-of-hardware devices to devices you casually put in your pocket.

Today, I classify myself as a “technology generalist and teacher” with a wide set of knowledge and skills I use to solve technical challenges and educate users who work in small businesses, non-profits and large corporations. (Think of me like a medical doctor whose 40 years of experience makes him a exceptional diagnostician and healer.) I can scope out a solution or diagnose a problem, find the appropriate technology, implement the solution and instruct others how to use the solution using face-to-face instruction or by deliveringcomic bubble with tech terms outstanding, clear step-by-step procedure based documentation.

I’ve succeeded by constantly reinventing myself. That means that I keep my research, problem solving and teaching skills sharp. I’m always dealing with problems, technology and use cases that are new.

Technology hasn’t slowed down and neither will I. It’s all about career quality, finding out what’s next and helping others understand and use “the next big thing”.

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A Typical Day

I am currently an instructor for Computers and Networking Systems at a technical high school. I have been a systems administrator for a large non-profit organization as well as a part-time instructor at a local technical college. The most typical thing about my days is… well… that there is no typical day.

As a technical high school instructor:

  • I teach classes geared toward  CompTIA A+ (computer technician), CompTIA Network+ (networking technician) and Cisco CCNA certification.
  • I curate and write curriculum in the area of Computer Technology and Networking Systems.

In my role as a systems administrator, I have:

  • Ensured that the computing and VOIP infrastructure is operating correctly. This includes hands-on work with:
    • VMWare
    • Server 2016 and Server 2008R2
    • Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Group Policy
    • Office 365 administration including our Office 365 Email server and our Organization Sharepoint Intranet site
    • Managing proxy addresses and dealing with deliverability issues on our Office365 Exchange Email server
    • Cisco and Cisco/Meraki switches and wireless infrastructure
    • Business continuation (backup and recovery) and data security
    • VOIP with Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • In house application support:
    • Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL Programming and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), SQL Server Report Server (SSRS)
    • PhP and Javascript Programming as well as REST and API work
  • Linux System Administration
  • Website Hosting (via Microsoft Azure Cloud Services)
  • Help desk user assistance and troubleshooting
  • Strategy and Business
    • Planning and designing our multisite telecommunication structure
    • Department budgeting

When teaching adult education, I lead adult learners in the following classes:

  • Introduction to Developing Websites using WordPress
  • Customizing Your WordPress Site with Child Themes and Templates
  • Website Project Management
  • HTML, CSS or Visual Basic for Excel
  • Analyzing Website behavior using Google Analytics