My notebook about everyday tech and teaching issues. A small contribution to those in the world who might struggle with things that I struggled with and figured out.

Besides this content, I also write a personal blog that lives here.

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Toward the Ultimate Personal Code Development Environment

For some time, I have been on a search for the “optimal” development environment — a toolset and location to edit and store code. Whatever “optimal” ends up being, here are what I see as the qualifications Able to be accessed from anywhere at anytime Stores my code somewhere other than the system that I […] Read More...

We Were Hacked

<flame on> I amĀ amazed that there are people who spend their time looking around the Internet for malicious things to do. People like this need to spend their energies on more productive things! <flame off> We just built a new Windows 2016 Datacenter server Read More...