Projects build skills and skills are developed and made better with experience. Many of my skills have been developed as I have solved a wide variety of technical challenges.

Here is a high-level summary of some of the projects that I have been asked to complete.

Network Infrastructure Maintenance

Implement a Text Based Uptime Monitoring System for Servers
  • Create a system server to host monitoring software
  • Configure to include servers, HVAC systems Network Switches, Communication routers, Phone systems and Security systems
Create a DMZ and add Web Servers to it
  • Define a LAN addressing scheme that includes VLANs
  • Add a virtual switch port for the VMWare client that will be moved from the corporate LAN to the DMZ
  • Re-program the switch ports and trunk lines (Cisco IOS) to function as part of the VLAN used for the DMZ
  • Define firewall rules to allow access to this system from the local LAN but prevent access from the local LAN from this system.


Systems Administration

Implement Windows Software Update Services
  • Create a scheme and structure to roll out WSUS in a trial to a limited number of systems
  • Create Active Directory security groups and Microsoft Group Policies to implement update services
  • Gradual roll out of solution
Move Corporate Websites from Shared Hosting to Self Hosted Sites
  • Research and find options for self-hosting of LAMP websites
  • Install and configure Linux Virtual Machines on Azure Services
  • Port site content
  • Update DNS and other site services
Upgrade Servers from Server 2008R2 to Server 2016
  • Create a project plan for upgrade with uninterrupted services
  • Work with third-party vendor to implement plan according to timeline and budget constraints


Database and SQL

Write a Database Report
  • Write and debug an SQL query against an SQL2008 database
  • Use Microsoft Visual Studio to design, test and debug the report
  • Deploy the report to a SRSS Server
  • Create a schedule to distribute the report each night via email.


API and Application Programming

Write a WordPress Plugin to Include Data from an SQL Database on a Website
  • Write and debug an SQL query against an applications database
  • Create a PhP program that makes REST calls to an API to extract and format data
  • Create a wrapper to implement the solution as a WordPress plugin.
Create new 'skins' for a website portal
  • Create responsive CSS and HTML pages
  • Test and rollout
Write Hooks to Implement a 'Delivery Failed' notice from Mandrill
  • Understand how Mandrill handles failed email deliveries and the requirements for a Webhook
  • Create a PhP program to collect failed delivery information, format it and send notification emails.
Implement Organizational Digital Signage
  • Design and create scheme for a set of digital signs and content that can be updated by event and officemanagers
  • Acquire and install hardware and network scheme to support digital signage


Classroom Instruction and Training

Organization Wide Office365, Office 2016 and Outlook Training
  • Create the content outline
  • Author presentations and support material
  • Present training to 60+ employees over two sessions
Create Course Content for an Advanced WordPress Course
  • Create the content outline for the course
  • Author presentations and code examples for 15 hours of instruction
  • Research and add supplemental content to the class website